employer's choice

At N. Feinberg & co. we only represent employers. Our expertise covers all legal aspects pertinent to employers and their employees, as well as management of labor relations vis-a-vis worker unions, key senior and junior employees. Over the decades of our existence, the firm has led on many large cases and prominent precedents, many of which have changed the face of labor law in Israel through the years. Our clients are many and varied and include some of the largest and most prominent employers in Israel.

The 40 legal professionals on the firm’s legal team are skilled in litigation, providing ongoing services, and handling the entire scope of matters included in the firm’s array of services.

Collective labor relations
  • supporting employers as of the stage of initial employees unionization, including management of legal proceedings.
  • Providing support and consultation through all stages of collective bargaining and drafting of collective labor agreements, including implementation and interpretation.
  • Managing negotiations with workers’ unions – efficiency and redundancy cutback processes, dismissal proceedings, dispute resolutions, enforcing industrial peace, and more.
Close support through full and partial strikes
  • Consulting through crises and collective labor disputes, including management of legal proceedings.
  •   Making use of employers rights and tool available during strikes (such as: protective\defensive lockdown, refusal to accept partial work, etc.).
  • legal proceedings against unlawful strikes.
litigation in labor law
  • Representation and court appearances at all levels of the legal system (civil and criminal law) in the field of labor relations.
  • Specialization in all types of legal proceedings – collective and individual.
  • Mamnagement of arbitraion and mediation proceedings.
  • Assistance in proceedings related to the employment of foreign workers and asylum seekers.
Ongoing legal consulting
  • Support through negotiations and drafting of personal and collective labor agreements and contracts with contractors and service providers, including their implementation and interpretation.
  • Handling of issues related to labor law and extention orders, including: Overtime and work during the weekly rest under the work and rest act, The minimun wage act, The annual leave act, The sick pay act, payment of recuperation, participation in travel expenses, and more.
  • Termination of employment processes, hearings, disciplinary proceedings, dismissal and resignation.
  • Issues related to pension insurance, retirement age, work disability, etc.
  • Restriction of occupation and duties of confidentiality and loyalty.
  • Assistance in proceedings under the prevention of sexual harassment law, and claims of persecution/intimidation at work.
  • Due Diligence.
Proceedings vis-a-vis the Ministry of Economy and Industry*
  • Assistance in obtaining permits :including permits related to women’s work when needed by law (pregnancy, materniny leave, fertility treatments, etc.) including permits for termination of employment, extension of the duration of working days, work during the weekly mandatory rest period, overtime employment, etc.
  • Advice regarding the Increased Enforcement of labor laws act, including the implementation of the employer’s obligations according to said act and representing and representing in legal proceedings related.