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N. Feinberg & co. – The Employers Choice In Israel

N. Feinberg & co. is proud to be the largest law firm in israel in the field of labor relations, and the only one that represents employers exclusively. The firm provides a full labor law service to the country’s largest and leading employers from a wide array of sectors.

As a veteran law firm working in a volatile legal and organizational reality, our firm constitutes an island of stability for our clients. with seniority and experience accrued over more than 45 years, Adv. Nachum Feinberg is the most senior attorney in Israel in the field of labor law. Adv. Feinberg has built up a strong-minded team of partners, who lead our experienced legal teams in the handling of complex cases, disputes and court representation. A tradition of professionalism and fairness, formed over the years, is expressed in our relations with our clients, courts and colleagues. Alongside this tradition, we foster a culture of innovative legal thinking and a firm adherence to professionalism, which is characteristic of the current generation of partners.

Labor relations - that's our job

The firm’s array of services provides a complete solution for employers on all aspects of labor relations, including: collective labor relations; consulting during full and partial  strikes
And sanctions; labor law Litigation; Ongoing legal advice and proceedings vis-a-vis the Ministry of Economy and Industry.

In the field of labor law, we are ranked among the top ten law firms in israel by Dun’s 100 and BDI Guide places us in top position among israel’s boutique labor law firms.

Four Principals guide our path: Proffessionalism, Accumulated knowledge, A service orientation And Close support.

Professionalism and accumulated knowledge

The firm is an authority in the field of employer representation. Years of experience, 360-degree vision of the field, and a deep understanding, enable us to offer the highest professional standart. We act decisively, providing creative legal solutions in the most complex situations, while our experience and sound judgment save our clients innecessary legal “adventures”.

N. Feinberg & co. is regarded as a source of knowledge in labor relations. Our Client Updates on labor law contain innovative professional interpretation and serve as a source of information and a professional reference.

The firm’s name, reputation and knowledge precede it also in the courts of law.

Service orientation and close support

The size of the firm, the scope of its legal team, its vast experience in the field, and the fact that through all the years of its existence the firm has only ever represented employers – enable us to provide comprehensive responses in minimal timeframes.

Our clients receive fast and service-oriented responses in routine matters al all the more during crises.

In our view, true legal support means always being there for you and we believe it is worth consulting with us “a moment before” and not only “a moment after” the fact.

Although we are an external firm, with all the advantages this offers, we feel and behave like an in-house department in every one of the organizations we advise.


our Clients

We are proud to be the “employers choice” in Israel.

Our clients hail from many and varied sectors in the economy, including: Banks and credit card companies; cellular and communications; defense industries; pharmaceuticals; industrial enterprises; insurance and pension pensions fund companies; retail; food manufacturers and importers; academic institutions; construction and infrastructure companies; technology and high-tech; transportation and aviation; media; sprots associations; manpower and service companies; govermant companies and the state of Israel as an employer.

Throughout the years, the firm has accumulated specialization in labor relations as expressed in every one of these sectors.

Our People

The firm was established in 1973 by the late Menachem Goldberg (Of Blessed Memory) who went on to serve as the second president of the National Labor Court.

Upon Adv. Goldberg’s retirement, Adv. Nachum Feinberg took the lead and the firm has continued to grow with the legal team now comprising around 40 attorneys (15 of whom are partners) – and all of whom are graduates of leading academic institutions.

A great many of our attorneys and partners completed their internship at the firm and we have thus grown organically without the mergers and aquisitions charecteristic if the industry.

Despite its relatively large size, the firm retains a “boutique” atmosphere that is warm and family-like both among the members of our team and with our clients.

Each of our clients receives legal services from a permanent team, headed by a senior partner, who knows the client’s need in depth and knows how to provide the with and optimal and professional response.