employer's choice

The professional team of N. feinberg & Co. always aspires to increase Its ranks. The firm provides an excellent starting point for a promising career in labor law, as well as a leap forward For experienced attorneys.

Despite the relative size of the firm, which comprises around 40 attorneys, we are proud of the “warm”, boutique-like, family atmosphere present among team members as well as in our relations with clients.

Great minds think together

We believe that cooperation and collaborative thinking encourage creativity and professionalism. Therefore, the firm routinely holds internal consultations and documents leaving the office are always ascrutinized by “a numer of eyes”.

We work according to a teamwork model that enables our clients to benefit from working with a regular team, whose members are familiar with the client’s work processes, organizational structure, unique needs, and the contractual infrastructure of the organization.

Each team is headed by a senior partner, who manages client accounts and guides the work of the team. we believe that the best results are achieved when we work in unison.

Legal interns: Aschool for labor law

Employment relations is a job for experts. In order to specialize and accumulate professional experience in the field, one needs to invest, be persistent and have plenty of motivation. It is no less important to choose the right place for an internship – in other words, you need to select a school able to provide you best with knowledge and practical tools needed to start your career.

N. Feinberg & co. is renowed as the best school in labor relations and as a springboard to a successful career path.

When good people come to us, we don’t give up on the easily – a large number of all our attorneys and partners started their career path as interns at N. Feinberg & co., which means that our team has grown organically, without the mergers and acquisitions characteristic of the sector. We seek talented interns with professional potential but no less importantly – a personality that is open to constant learning and teamwork.

If you are motivated to invest and learn, have excellent interpersonal skills, and are able to work well in a team, we look forward to meeting you.

Attorneys: The next rung on the career ladder

We are happy to take in experienced and skilled attorneys, who are interested in moving forward on their professional path. Over the years, we have been joined by attorneys who started their career path at the District Attorney’s Office, the General Federation of labor (The Histadrut), and other law firms in the field.

We are proud of the fact that working at our firm is a stamp of quality and professionalism – no small number of our alumni fill the labor courts ranks as judges. At the same time, our firm constitutes an island of stability and here you can find attorneys, as well as administrative team members, who have been in our employment for many years and see the firm as home for all intents and purposes.

if the time has come for you to take the next step along your professional path, we look forward to meeting you.