N. Feinberg & Co., Law Office

Adv. Nachum Feinberg

Licence no. 6238

Adv. Feinberg is a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and was admitted to the Israel Bar in 1971.

He joined the firm of the late Menachem Goldberg (who went on to become President of the National Labour Court) and together they formed a partnership that ultimately became Israel’s foremost law office in the area of labour law.

Adv. Feinberg is one of Israel’s leading labour lawyers and is the only one who has been given the highest rating in the sphere by the “Which Lawyer PLC” rating company - “highly respected and very experienced in Israeli labour law”.

In the last thirty years Adv. Feinberg has acted for a long series of major corporations in the Israeli economy and he is responsible for dozens of important labour law precedents that are studied in the law schools.

Adv. Feinberg’s tremendous influence on the development of Israeli labour law has also found expression in his major involvement in numerous decisions made in the economy that have had a direct effect on the economy generally and labour relations in particular. His knowledge and expertise in the sphere of labour law have made him a regular member of numerous important forums and he advises on Knesset legislative policy and participates in the debates of various Knesset and ministerial committees. Adv. Feinberg is also party to the decision-making procedures of the boards of directors of public companies, government companies and other statutory bodies.

Adv. Feinberg is Chairman of the Labour Law Forum of the Israel Bar and also lectures on labour law in a variety of vocational courses in different professional arenas. Over the years he has published numerous articles in leading journals, including HaPraklit and the Labour Law Annual. Adv. Feinberg is continuing in the footsteps of his former partner, the late President Menachem Goldberg, by editing the book, Labour Law, since October 2006 and he is also the senior author of the book, Termination of the Labour Relationship (2009).