N. Feinberg & Co., Law Office

Our Vision

Our vision can be heard in the kitchen!!

There are always loud voices coming from the office kitchen – advocates and interns, young and old, men and women, heated and calm. What does this statute mean? How does this judgment published today affect the agreement we are working on? What tactics should we use for cross-examining the plaintiff (who is of course wrong)? What should have been written in yesterday’s judgment? And how should we word this sentence in the summations? And if we cannot agree on the wording, let us send an email to our contact at the Hebrew language academy and accept his decision.

You will always hear the sounds of debate, analysis and argument (as well as peals of laughter) in our corridors, conference rooms and offices.

This is what makes up our vision.
We are professionals who love our profession. Not only the profession but also our clients. At the end of the day it is they who make it possible for us to practice the profession that we love.
We back our clients throughout the years (many have been with us for decades) and we cannot avoid them by claiming “that was done before us, it wasn’t us”. We are with you and the responsibility is ours, as is the care and concern, the seriousness and the professionalism.
And our vision is to carry on the debate in the kitchen (in the offices and corridors, in the conference rooms - and in court...).