N. Feinberg & Co., Law Office


Our firm is one of Israel’s longest-established firms that specialise in labour law.

The firm was founded in the early 1970s by the late Adv. Menachem Goldberg, who had until then served as a judge of the Beer Sheva Regional Labour Court for some five years. He went on to serve as the second President of the National Labour Court and was undoubtedly one of the founding fathers of the Israeli Labour Court system.

Shortly after the firm was established Adv. Nachum Feinberg joined it and in 1977 the Goldberg-Feinberg partnership was formed. In 1982 Adv. Goldberg returned to the judiciary and was appointed Vice President of the National Labour Court, Adv. Nachum Feinberg taking over at the head of the firm.

Under Adv. Feinberg’s leadership, the firm began to concentrate on labour law and in a short period of time it became the firm’s sole area of practice, whilst even within that sphere, the firm specialises in the representation of employers. Over the years the firm has grown as its circle of clients has enlarged, and the firm is now one of Israel’s leading labour law offices. The growth of the firm’s activity has naturally led to the addition of other advocates, some of whom have become partners over the years. Thus, in 1989, three of the firm’s salaried lawyers, Orna Sher, Keren Shalit and Ami Shachar became partners. In 1992 Adv. Smadar Kaplan joined the partnership and in 1995 Adv. Efrat Biran became a partner. In 1998 Orly Aviram and Yakov Malishkevitch became partners and in 2008 Yaron Kramer and Michal Feinberg-Doron became partners.

The firm is currently Israel’s leading law office in the sphere of labour law, generally and in the representation of employers, in particular. The firm consists of 29 advocates, together with numerous interns and of course a loyal secretarial staff. The office is presently located at 12 Abba Hillel St., Sasson Hogi Tower, 16th Floor, Ramat-Gan.